Name origin - Elementymology & Elements Multidict

Elementymology & Elements Multidict

Ancient names
1.1 Elements, metals, known to mankind since prehistoric times. The main characteristic of the names of these elements, is the "chaos". Since the names are so old, all languages have their own words (even the roots in the Roman, Germanic, and Slavic languages are often different). An overview of these names in many languages is on a special page, click here.
1.2 Elements, recognized as such since Roman times up to the 16th/17th centuries. The names are derived from the ore or the combination in which the element is the main component. Although different languages sometimes use names from different roots, there is a less chaotic situation then in group 1.1.
Minerals and ores
2.1 Various names, not based on a Latin or Latinized word. In most languages the names are unaltered.
2.2 Elements named after a combination in which the element is the main component.
2.3 Elements named after other elements
3.1Chemical properties
3.2Physical properties
3.3Colour of vapour, salts etc.
3.4Colour of the Spectrum
4.1Towns and regions
4.2Celestial bodies
Personal names
5.1Mythological figures
5.2Named after minerals which were named after persons

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