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Unbinilium – Unbinilium – Unbinilium – Unbinilio – – Унбинилий –
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New names
memory peg

Artificial radioactive element
melting point -- °C; -- °F
boiling point -- °C; -- °F
density -- g/cc; -- pounds/cubic foot
In March-April 2007, the synthesis of element 120 was attempted
un-bi-nil-ium = 1-2-0-ium (IUPAC systematic element name)

History & Etymology

In March-April 2007, the synthesis of element 120 was attempted at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions in Dubna by bombarding a plutonium-244 target with iron-58 ions.Initial analysis revealed that no atoms of element 120 were produced providing a limit of 400 fb for the cross section at the energy studied.

The Russian team are planning to upgrade their facilities before attempting the reaction again.

In April 2007, the team at GSI attempted to create unbinilium using uranium-238 and nickel-64:

No atoms were detected providing a limit of 1.6 pb on the cross section at the energy provided. The GSI repeated the experiment with higher sensitivity in three separate runs from April–May 2007, Jan–March 2008, and Sept–Oct 2008, all with negative results and providing a cross section limit of 90 fb.

Further reading

Element 120: a science fiction story
Roland George Prodaniuk, of Edmonton, Canada, suggests that element 120 is the last element. He named the element Rolandium (Ro), "named after its theorist and originator, Rolandium sounds better than Prodaniukium and far better than if shortened to Prodanium. See Element 120 Details. Prodaniuk, who signs his messages to the Yahoo group "synergeo" as Advanced Problematist & Theorist is the owner (and only employee?) of the Pro Consulting Scientific Research Institute
There is an interesting SciFi story about the development of element 120.

In the story, element 120 was the start of a series of elements which were the reverse of unstable. Once synthesized, element 120 absorbed protons and neutrons from its environment and became element 121. 121 behaved similarly. The series of reactions continued until element 240 was created. element 240 split into two atoms of element 120.

The half life of the entire process was such that the human race had about a century to find a way to stop the reaction or expel all the problem elements into outer space.

The human race never managed to save themselves. The best they could do was create some almost human robots and send them into space. Their technology could not produce a Star Ship capable of supporting humans long enough to reach another solar system.

The robots were complex enough to build additional robots and had most human technology available to them. After much time & minor mistakes in building new robots to replace those worn out, the robots evolved into a complex civilization with some creation myths. They no longer had any knowledge of a biological creature who built the first robot. The minor errors acted in a fashion analogous to biological evolution.

Finally, some robot scientists synthesized DNA-like protoplasm, but saw no use for it. They poured it into his sink and it eventually reached the ocean. The implication was that biological evolution would start from that protoplasm.

It is just a fantasy, but perhaps should be suggested shutting down attempts to synthesize further trans-uranic elements.

From posts by "Dinosaur" on Sciforums.com. Who knows the author and title of this story?

There is a book by Karl Herbert Scheer, Ordnungszahl 120, published in 1957. A Dutch translation Atoomgetal 120 is from 1979 and French translation Élément 120 from 1977.

Maybe this is the book in question.

Germany summary from ebookz.2fbi.de Newsletter Nummer 4, Freitag, den 13. Dezember 2002: "Auf der Rückseite des Mondes finden kernphysikalische Experimente statt. Dabei wird ein neues Transuran entdeckt, das die »Ordnungszahl 120« erhält. Als es zusammen mit den Herstellungsunterlagen aus dem Mondlabor verschwindet, wird Captain Thor Konnat, der Agent ZBV, eingesetzt. Er soll das Element wiederfinden, um die Menschheit vor einer Katastrophe zu bewahren."
This seems to be a different story.

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