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Lawrencium – Lawrencium – Lawrencium – Lawrencio – ローレンシウム – Лоуренсий – 鐒
Multilingual dictionary

Lawrencium Latin

— Germanic
Lawrencium Afrikaans
Lawrencium Danish
Lawrencium German
Lawrencium English
Lawrencium Faroese
Lawrencium Frisian (West)
Lárensín Icelandic
Lawrencium Luxembourgish
Lawrencium Dutch
Lawrencium Norwegian
Lawrencium Swedish

— Italic
Laurenzio Aragonese
Laurentsiumu Aromanian
Laurenciu Asturian
Laurenci Catalan
Lawrencio Spanish
Lawrencium French
Laurenzi Friulian
Laurencio Galician
Laurenzio Italian
Laurénzi Lombard
Laurenci Occitan
Lawrêncio Portuguese
Lawrenciu Romanian - Moldovan

— Slavic
Лоуренсий, Лавренций [Lourensij, Lavrencij] Bulgarian
Lawrencij[um] Bosnian
Лаўрэнсій [laurènsij] Belarusian
Lawrencium Czech
Lawrencij Croatian
Lorens Kashubian
Лоренсиум [Lorensium] Macedonian
Lorens Polish
Лоуренсий [Lourensij] Russian
Lawrencium Slovak
Lavrencij Slovenian
Лавренцијум [Lavrencijum] Serbian
Лоуренсій [lourensij] Ukrainian

— Baltic
Lorensis Lithuanian
Lourensijs Latvian
Laurencis Samogitian

— Celtic
Laorenciom Breton
Lawrenciwm Welsh
Láirinciam Gaelic (Irish)
Làirinciam Gaelic (Scottish)
Lawrencium Gaelic (Manx)
Lawrencyum Cornish

— Other Indo-European
Λωρεντσιο [lōrentsio] Greek
Լոուրենսիում [lourensium] Armenian
Lorencium, ²Lawrenciumi Albanian

— Indo-Iranian/Iranian
Lawrenciyûm Kurdish
Лоуренсий [lourensij] Ossetian
Лоуренсий [Lourensi'] Tajik

— Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan
লরেনসিয়াম [larensiẏāma] Bengali
لاورنسیم [lawrnsym] Persian
લૉરેન્સિયમનો [lorensiyamano] Gujarati
लॉरेंशियम [loreśiyama] Hindi

Lavrentsium Estonian
Lawrencium Finnish
Laurencium Hungarian
Лоуренсий [Lourensij] Komi
Лоуренсий [Lourensij] Mari
Ловренси [lowrensi] Moksha
Lavrentsium Võro

Lourensium Azerbaijani
Лоуренси [Lourensi] Chuvash
Лоуренсий [loûrensij] Kazakh
Лоуренсий [Lourensij] Kyrgyz
Лоуренси [lourensi] Mongolian
Lawrenciyum, ²Lorentiyum Turkish
لاۋرېنسىي [lawrensiy] Uyghur
Lourensiy Uzbek

Other (Europe)
Laurentzioa Basque
ლაურენსიუმი [laurensiumi] Georgian

لورنسيوم [lawrinsiyūm] Arabic
לורנציום [lorentsium] Hebrew
Lawrenzjum, ²Laurenzju Maltese

Lò (鐒) Hakka
ローレンシウム [roorenshiumu] Japanese
로렌슘 [lorensyum] Korean
ลอร์เรนเซียม [lorēnsiam] Thai
Lorenxi, Lawrenci Vietnamese
[lao2 / lo4] Chinese

Laurencyo Cebuano
Lawrensium Indonesian
Lawrencium Māori
Lawrensium Malay

Other Asiatic
ലോറെന്‍സിയം [lōṟensiyam] Malayalam
லோரென்சியம் [lōreṉciyam] Tamil

Laleku Lingala
Lawrensiamo Sesotho
Lawirensi Swahili

Laurencio Nahuatl

Lawrensyu Quechua

Lowrensimi Sranan Tongo

Laŭrencio Esperanto

New names
Larion Atomic Elements
Radiomanium Dorseyville
memory peg

Artificial radioactive element
melting point -- °C; -- °F
boiling point -- °C; -- °F
density -- g/cc; -- pounds/cubic foot
1961 Albert Ghiorso and co-workers, Berkeley, Calif., USA
Ernest O. Lawrence (1901-1958)

History & Etymology

First prepared in 1961 by Albert Ghiorso, Torbjørn Sikkeland, Almon E. Larsh, and R.M. Latimer at the Berkeley Laboratory of the University of California by bombardment of Californium with Boron ions. Ghiorso et al. suggested the name Lawrencium and the chemical symbol Lw (later was chosen for Lr) for element #103 in honor of E.O. Lawrence, the inventor of the cyclotron and founder of the Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley where so much of the transuranium research has been carried out.

The name and symbol Lawrencium (Lr) was ratified by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Council meeting in Geneva during August 1997 (See "Naming the transfermium elements").

Ernest Lawrence
Ernest Orlando Lawrence (Canton, South Dakota, 8 August 1901 Palo Alto, California, 27 August 1958), American physicist and Nobel Laureate, known for his invention, utilization, and improvement of the cyclotron atom-smasher beginning in 1929, and his later work in uranium-isotope separation for the Manhattan Project. Lawrence had a long career at the University of California, where he became a Professor of Physics. In 1939, Lawrence was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in inventing the cyclotron and developing its applications. He was the first recipient of the Sylvanus Thayer Award. The Berkeley Lab is named after him (cf. berkelium) (note).

Enrico Fermi, and Ernest O. Lawrence, two scientist who have elements named after them: Fermium (#100) and Lawrencium (#103)

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