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Actinium – Aktinium – Actinium – Actínio – アクチニウム – Актиний – 錒
Multilingual dictionary

Actinium Latin

— Germanic
Aktinium Afrikaans
Actinium Danish
Aktinium German
Actinium English
Actinium Faroese
Actinium Frisian (West)
Aktín Icelandic
Aktinium Luxembourgish
Actinium Dutch
Actinium Norwegian
Aktinium Swedish

— Italic
Actinio Aragonese
Actiniumu Aromanian
Actiniu Asturian
Actini Catalan
Actínio Spanish
Actinium French
Atini Friulian
Actinio Galician
Attinio Italian
Atíni Lombard
Actini Occitan
Actínio Portuguese
Actiniu Romanian - Moldovan

— Slavic
Актиний [Aktinij] Bulgarian
Actinij[um] Bosnian
Актыній [aktynij] Belarusian
Aktinium Czech
Aktinij Croatian
Aktin Kashubian
Актиниум [Aktinium] Macedonian
Aktyn Polish
Актиний [Aktinij] Russian
Aktinium Slovak
Aktinij Slovenian
Актинијум [Aktinijum] Serbian
Актиній [aktynij] Ukrainian

— Baltic
Aktinis Lithuanian
Aktīnijs Latvian
Aktėnis Samogitian

— Celtic
Aktiniom Breton
Actiniwm Welsh
Achtainiam Gaelic (Irish)
Aictiniam Gaelic (Scottish)
Aghtinnium Gaelic (Manx)
Actynyum Cornish

— Other Indo-European
Ακτινιο [aktinio] Greek
Ակտինիում [aktinium] Armenian
Aktin Albanian

— Indo-Iranian/Iranian
Aktinyûm Kurdish
Актиний [aktinij] Ossetian
Актиний [Aktini'] Tajik

— Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan
অ্যাক্টিনিয়াম [ayākṭiniẏāma] Bengali
آکتینیم [âktynym] Persian
ઍક્ટિનિયમનો [ekṭiniyamano] Gujarati
एक्टिनियम [ekṭiniyama] Hindi

Aktiinium Estonian
Aktinium Finnish
Aktínium Hungarian
Актиний [Aktinij] Komi
Актиний [Aktinij] Mari
Актини [aktini] Moksha
Aktiinium Võro

Aktinium Azerbaijani
Актини [Aktini] Chuvash
Актиний [aktinij] Kazakh
Актиний [Aktinij] Kyrgyz
Актини [aktini] Mongolian
Aktinyum Turkish
ئاكتىنىي ['aktiniy] Uyghur
Aktiniy Uzbek

Other (Europe)
Aktinioa Basque
აქტინიუმი [ak'tiniumi] Georgian

اكتنيوم [aktīniyūm] Arabic
אקטיניום [aktinium] Hebrew
Aktinjum, ²Attinju Maltese

 (錒) Hakka
アクチニウム [akuchiniumu] Japanese
악티늄 [agtinyum] Korean
แอกทิเนียม [aekthiniam] Thai
Actini Vietnamese
[ei1 / a1] Chinese

Actinyo Cebuano
Aktinium Indonesian
Actinium Māori
Aktinium Malay

Other Asiatic
ആക്റ്റിനിയം [ākṟṟiniyam] Malayalam
அக்டினியம் [akţiṉiyam] Tamil

Atinu Lingala
Aktiniamo Sesotho
Aktini Swahili

Actinio Nahuatl

Aktinyu Quechua

Aktinimi Sranan Tongo

Aktinio Esperanto

New names
Actinion Atomic Elements
Uselessium Dorseyville
memory peg

Radioactive metal
melting point 1050 °C; 1922 °F
boiling point est. 3200 °C; est. 5800 °F
density 10.07 g/cc; 628.65 pounds/cubic foot
1899 André-Louis Debierne, France
ακτις (aktis) = ray (Greek)

History & Etymology

Actinium is a rare, extremely radioactive metal that glows in the dark with an eerie blue light. It was discovered twice.

In 1899 André-Louis Debierne (1874-1949) found a radioactive substance which was separated from pitchblende with the rare earths and had chemical properties similar to those of Thorium. In 1900 he proposed the name Actinium, derived from Greek ακτις [aktis] = ray, sun beam (note).

Three years later, in 1902, Fritz Giesel (1852-1927) noted the presence of a new radioactive substance which was usually separated with Lanthanum and Cerium from the minerals. It possessed the property of giving out a radioactive emanation or gas, the activity of which died away in a few seconds. For this reason he called it the "emanating substance" and afterwards Emanium (note). Later was showed that it was identical with Actinium, and since Debierne was earlier, his chosen name took priority.

The genetic relationships of the members of the Actinium decay series were determined during the next twenty years by radiochemical studies. The parent of the series, 235U, and the mass numbers of all its members were established by Arthur Dempster (1886-1950) in 1935, by mass spectrometric analysis.

Isotopes with the historical name Actinium-...
NameHist. symb.Mod. symb.
Actino-uranium Ac U 235U
Protoactinium Pa 231Pa
Actinium Ac 227Ac
Radioactinium Rd Ac 227Th
Actinium-K Ac K 223Fr
Actinium-X Ac X 223Ra
Actinium Emanation
Ac Em
Actinium-A Ac A 215Po
Actinium-B Ac B 211Pb earlier Ac A 215Po
Actinium-C Ac C 211Bi
Actinium-C' Ac C' 211Po
Actinium-C'' Ac C'' 207Tl
Actinium-D Ac D 207Pb

Historical names of Actinium isotopes
Name & Symbol (hist. and modern) First described Notes
Mesothorium 2 MsTh2 228Ac 1906/07 B.B. Boltwood Boltwood's Mesothorium split by O. Hahn in Mesothorium 1 (=228Ra) and 2

Actinium in 1881

In 1881 Phipson named a metal Actinium. He thought that this metal accompanied Zinc (note).

Further reading
  • Winfried Kölzer, Radioaktivität, Strahlenexposition, Strahlenwirkung. Bonn: Informationskreis Kernenergie, 2000 (PDF file on-line).

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