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Ununennium – Ununennium – Ununennium – Ununennio – – Унуненний –
Multilingual dictionary

Ununennium Latin

— Germanic
Ununennium Afrikaans
Ununennium Danish
Ununennium German
Ununennium English
Ununennium Faroese
Ununennium Frisian (West)
Ununennín Icelandic
Ununennium Luxembourgish
Ununennium Dutch
Ununennium Norwegian
Ununennium Swedish

— Italic
Ununennio Aragonese
Ununenniu Asturian
Ununocti Catalan
Ununennio Spanish
Ununennium French
Ununennium Friulian
Ununennio Galician
Ununennio Italian
Ununennium Portuguese
Ununenniu Romanian - Moldovan

— Slavic
Ununennij[um] Bosnian
Ununennium Czech
Ununennium Polish
Унуненний [Ununennij] Russian
Ununennium Slovak
Ununennij Slovenian
Унуненній [Ununennij] Ukrainian

— Baltic

— Celtic
Ununenniwm Welsh

— Other Indo-European
Ουνουνέννιο [] Greek
Ununennium[i] Albanian

— Indo-Iranian/Iranian
Унуненний [] Tajik

— Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan

Ununennium Estonian
Ununennium Finnish
Ununennium Hungarian
Унуненний [Ununennij] Komi
Унуненний [Ununennij] Mari
Ununennium Võro

Ununenniyum Turkish
Ununenniy Uzbek

Other (Europe)
Ununennio Basque

Ουνουνέννιο [--] Hebrew
Ununennju Maltese

Ununenni Vietnamese

Ununennyo Cebuano
Ununennium Indonesian
Ununennium Māori
Ununennium Malay

Other Asiatic

Ununenniamo Sesotho
Ununenni Swahili




Ununennio Esperanto

New names
memory peg

Artificial radioactive element
melting point -- °C; -- °F
boiling point -- °C; -- °F
density -- g/cc; -- pounds/cubic foot
The synthesis of element 119 was attempted in 1985
un-un-en-ium = 1-1-9-ium (IUPAC systematic element name)

History & Etymology

The synthesis of element 119 was attempted in 1985 by bombarding a target of einsteinium-254 with calcium-48 ions at the superHILAC accelerator at Berkeley, California. No atoms were identified, leading to a limiting yield of 300 nb.

It is highly unlikely that this reaction will be useful given the extremely difficult task of making sufficient amounts of Es-254 to make a large enough target to increase the sensitivity of the experiment to the required level, due to the rarity of the element, and extreme rarity of the isotope.

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