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Rhodium – Rhodium – Rhodium – Rodio – ロジウム – Родий – 銠
Multilingual dictionary

Rhodium Latin

— Germanic
Rhodium Afrikaans
Rhodium Danish
Rhodium German
Rhodium English
Rodium Faroese
Rhodium Frisian (West)
Ródín Icelandic
Rhodium Luxembourgish
Rhodium Dutch
Rhodium Norwegian
Rodium Swedish

— Italic
Rodio Aragonese
Rodiumu Aromanian
Rodiu Asturian
Rodi Catalan
Rodio Spanish
Rhodium French
Rodi Friulian
Rodio Galician
Rodio Italian
Ròdi Lombard
Ròdi Occitan
Ródio Portuguese
Rodiu Romanian - Moldovan

— Slavic
Родий [Rodij] Bulgarian
Rodij[um] Bosnian
Родый [rodyj] Belarusian
Rhodium Czech
Rodij Croatian
Ród Kashubian
Родиум [Rodium] Macedonian
Rod Polish
Родий [Rodij] Russian
Ródium Slovak
Rodij Slovenian
Родијум [Rodijum] Serbian
Родій [rodij] Ukrainian

— Baltic
Rodis Lithuanian
Rodijs Latvian
Ruodis Samogitian

— Celtic
Rodiom Breton
Rhodiwm Welsh
Róidiam Gaelic (Irish)
Ròidiam Gaelic (Scottish)
Roydjum Gaelic (Manx)
Rhodyum Cornish

— Other Indo-European
Ροδιο [rodio] Greek
Ռոդիում [ŗodium] Armenian
Rodium, ²Rhodiumi Albanian

— Indo-Iranian/Iranian
Rodyûm Kurdish
Родий [rodij] Ossetian
Родий [Rodi'] Tajik

— Indo-Iranian/Indo-Aryan
রোডিয়াম [roḍiẏāma] Bengali
رودیم [rwdym] Persian
રોડિયમનો [roḍiyamano] Gujarati
रोडियम [roḍiyama] Hindi

Roodium Estonian
Rodium Finnish
Ródium Hungarian
Родий [Rodij] Komi
Родий [Rodij] Mari
Роди [rodi] Moksha
Roodium Võro

Rodium Azerbaijani
Роди [Rodi] Chuvash
Родий [rodij] Kazakh
Родий [Rodij] Kyrgyz
Роди [rodi] Mongolian
Rodyum Turkish
رودىي [rodiy] Uyghur
Rodiy Uzbek

Other (Europe)
Rodioa Basque
როდიუმი [rodiumi] Georgian

روديوم [rūdiyūm] Arabic
רודיום [rodium] Hebrew
Rodju[m] Maltese

Ló (銠) Hakka
ロジウム [rojiumu] Japanese
로듐 [rodyum] Korean
โรเดียม [rōdiam] Thai
Rođi Vietnamese
[lao3 / lo5] Chinese

Rodyo Cebuano
Rodium Indonesian
Rhodium Māori
Rodium Malay

Other Asiatic
റോഡിയം [ṟōḍiyam] Malayalam
ரோடியம் [rōţiyam] Tamil

Lodu Lingala
Rhodiamo Sesotho
Rodi Swahili

Rodio Nahuatl

Rodyu Quechua

Rodimi Sranan Tongo

Rodio Esperanto

New names
Rodion Atomic Elements
Brazilium Dorseyville
memory peg

Intensely reflective, fairly inert precious metal
melting point 1966 °C; 3571 °F
boiling point 3727 °C; 6741 °F
density 12.41 g/cc; 774.73 pounds/cubic foot
1803/04 William Hyde Wollaston, England
Ροδον (rodon) = Rose (Greek)

History & Etymology

Shortly after Palladium (1802), Rhodium was discovered in 1804 in crude Platinum from South America by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston (1766-1828) (note).. From his sample crude Platinum he removed the Platinum and Palladium and was left with a dark red powder. This proved to be the double chloride of sodium and a new metal. That salt would today be known as sodium rhodium chloride (Na3RhCl6.12H2O). This salt was heated up with Hydrogen and was washed with water to remove the sodium chloride. The resulting residue was rhodium powder.

Due to the colour of the chloride RhCl3 and of the respective aqueous solutions, Wollaston chose the name rhodium, after the Greek Ροδον [rodon] = rose (colour of a rose):

Although in undated notebooks Wollaston refers to it as "N-novm" (perhaps Novum). He published details of this discovery immediately after its isolation; apparently he had no desire to initiate a second dispute, as with Palladium.

Wollaston's notebook. Fragment from the entry for 14 June 1804, when he named Rhodium.

Chemistianity 1873
RHODIUM, Platinum's natural ally,
A metal of almost silver-white hue,
Is hard to fuese yet very mall'able;
Insoluble per se in all Acids,
Though Aqua Regia dissolves its alloys.

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